Excel Business’s Privacy Statement

The privacy statement describes to the user how Excel business make use of your personal information and how a user can view or make modification to that information.


Excel business adheres to the Truste privacy seal program which is a self-governing program whose goal is to promote ethics and belief in the cyber world. Our website’s privacy policy will be governed by and is following the privacy seal program.

Truste will resolve any privacy concerns that the user have with our website or with our practices.

Truste will also resolve concerns about the information that is acquired through the website and not the information collected through the software that has been downloaded from the website.

Personal Information Collection and Usage.

The Following Details Are Collected from The User.

  • Name, email address, phone number, billing address
  • Account number, user id and password to identify the customer
  • To better understand the needs of consumer, company name, type of business and other details regarding the organization are requested.
  • To provide a better online user experience, we also collect the computer details, IP address, browser information and the operating system details. This is in line with the existing practices of other websites.

    This Information Is Used for Following Purposes

  • To realize the customers’ orders
  • Address their concerns and queries
  • To analyse our own performance and to improve the customer service

Sharing of Information

Limited Information is shared with third parties as described in the privacy policy and none of the information is sold to the third parties for monetary gains.

In rare cases, we share information adhering to the law of the land when a written order has been served. We do this to protect the interest of our company, our consumers interest and to prevent fraud. In certain cases, information is disclosed to assist the investigating law enforcement with proper order.

If the service providing company is subjected to acquisition, merger or complete sale with a separate entity, user and customers will be notified in form of an email or a notice will be put up on the homepage of our website regarding the changes in the ownership.

Google Checkout

If the customer wishes to make payment via google checkout, the credit card details will have to be provided directly to google and not to our company and any dispensaries are to be taken up with Google. Google checkout privacy policy will apply to the user and the same can be read on the checkout website.


If the customer wishes to pay via PayPal, then the payment details must be provided to PayPal and PayPal privacy policy will apply to the customer.

Cookies and Tracking Software

Cookies are used to learn user’s behaviour and other information. They are also used to collect other statistical data. While volumetric data is also collected, no personal information is collected.

Web Beacons

Electronic images are deployed on our web pages called as web beacons. These are also referred as single pixel gif. These are used in combination with the cookies to study the statistical data and sometimes are also used in the emails sent to the customer. This gives us information about the emails and links that the customer has opened and let us gauge the competence of our advertisement and level of our customer communication.

We may also use a third-party service to collect information about how our visitors are using our website. This will also allow us to gauge how a user navigates our websites and the web pages he is interested in. This information is used in understanding user preferences and in optimizing our website and services.

External Website Links

Our website provides link to our partner website whose privacy policy may vary. Any personal information entered on the external website is to be done after reading their privacy policy and has no connection whatsoever to our website.


To purchase a product or a service from our website, a user must add them to the card and proceed to make the payment for the purchase. The privacy policy also applies to your purchase and your information. The user is requested to read thoroughly the privacy policy before purchasing or entering any kind of personal information.

Information of Other Policy

For user convenience and interaction, we provide a specific forum and community which is a public platform and any information entered in these forums can be Accessed by other people.

Changes in Privacy Policy

If there are any changes to the privacy policy or practices of our company, customers will be notified via email and the same will be reflected on our website. We encourage our customers to regularly check for the changes in the policy section so that any changes will not go unnoticed before becoming effective.