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How Can Excel Enhance Your Business?

Many experts and users have certified that Microsoft Excel is hands down the best solution available for business and most widely deployed owing to its ease of use and reliability. But there are certain cases where a customized solution is required by an enterprise, then what? We operate in such scenarios. Unlike most ready-made software that serves on one specific set of business solution, Microsoft Excel can be tweaked to suit the customer needs, thereby enhancing the productivity of their businesses.

All our customers receive heavily specialized Excel applications that are deeply customized for their businesses with the added ability to integrate connection to their databases, be it a cloud based database or a local one. Other useful Microsoft office applications and other third-party tools are provided for an overall better-integrated solution.

The changes are huge, which include corrected work processes, archived data for ascending ability and the remote usage capability that provide employees with flexibility. Our services also include offsite enhancement as well as onsite training session for an individual employee or an entire group of staff in an organization as well as remote continued support not only for office Excel but also for the whole suite of Microsoft office applications. The result of these changes is increased efficiency in workflow, enhanced productivity and the added ability to compete with existing businesses leading to exponential growth, enhanced market share and greater profits.

MS Access Development & Migration Service

Maintaining a Microsoft Access database is a challenge. One of the main reasons for this is that they are not conversant with the basics of programming. While some people choose to learn the skill, some rely in professional developers or resident consultants to assist them. When choosing a programmer, people tend to consider different things. For a first-timer, one of the important factors to consider when looking for a database programmer is to consider their expertise.

Whether you need database programming services for your own business or another project, you are in luck. We offer a wide range of database services depending on your needs. Since there are numerous types of database programming, we usually try to understand what our clients need before we provide any Microsoft Access database programming services. This will help us tailor the database to their unique needs. For example, while a small or medium-sized business would benefit from an Access Client /Server Database, a large enterprise may need a more sophisticated one.

One of the advantages of hiring our services is that we are tried and tested. Our clients range from business owners to government agencies. Apart from providing database programming services, we also offer staffing services. Depending on your programming needs, we can help you staff IT experts and consultants. Some clients request for this service on a long-term basis, while some only need a programming consultant for a one-time project.

Outlook Experts

Excel Business offers a wide range of professional level Microsoft outlook supporting IMAP, Gmail, Exchange, Pop, etc. We can migrate your email to Microsoft exchange servers or offer office 365 consulting as well as third-party troubleshooting applications inclusive of outlook.com, iCloud and much more. What we support most include outlook troubleshooting of almost all versions, Gmail and Outlook issues, and Microsoft exchange migration to mention just a few. For the clients with missing data and email using all versions of Microsoft Outlook, we can help recover Microsoft outlook email set up with the exchange, IMPAP or data stored in PST or OST files on a windows PC or Mac.

Other request for the professional outlook email recovery include:

  • Data missing off the server or corrupted IMAP in outlook.
  • Deletion of folders containing contacts, emails, and calendar.
  • Worker destructed data before leaving company.
  • Accidental or intentional deletion of outlook profiles, PST and OST from the computer.
  • Disappearing of OST files or emails downloaded from the server and cannot be found.
SQL Server Programming

At our firm, we believe that a company can only be an expert at one thing. So we have chosen SQL programming to be that field. We are the absolute best in the business when SQL server programming is concerned. We have some of the best-trained programmers who have decades of experience in programming, maintaining database that is fast, secure and reliable. This helps in the progress of your company. We are the experts in SQL programming and other technology that is required to maintain the databases. If you are looking to establish a company that requires an SQL server databases, then you will find our service to be appropriate.

Only one word to describe our reputation: customer satisfaction. Many of our clients operate on a global scale and choose us as the preferred partner for their databases. Our clients also include thousands of small companies who are establishing themselves in the industry they operate. The most important thing is that 85% of clients are recurring.

SQL server database is the most important aspect of a modern company. Getting stuck with a wrong database company can severely hinder the progress of your firm. So choosing the right consulting firm is of utmost importance. We are more than happy to have a discussion and to let you know the kind of people you will be working. If you are not happy with us, then there is no obligation. We can also solve your immediate problem if it is possible. We only deal with SQL server programming and its concurrent technologies. Our knowledge is unparalleled and complete. Just visit our website to know more about our expertise in the field and our customer's testimonials.

Power Bi Consultant

Every organization has a huge amount of data to work with. The main aim of power bi is to have a deep insight into the existing data. We are a specialist organization having an authority on power bi. Our programmers and specialists help in creating some software that will help In increasing the performance of your business. Our service will organize the data into a chart and archive them for service reporting and performance analysis. The core intelligence of the entire organization is increased. Why not let our experts help your organisation. Some of the benefits are as follows.

  • Searching and finding the next customer before the work of existing customers finishes so that your organisation constantly creates money for you.
  • Improves the profit margin by better organizing the data and providing a useful insight that Ultimately helps in an informed decision making
  • Identification of the areas within the business that bleed the resources without producing useful results.
  • All the Microsoft and windows products are supported so that the usability and ease of use is greatly enhanced.

All these features are tried and tested method. Our services of mining data and analytics services are the best in the industry and is used for strategic planning and growth of the business along with the use of right technology.

Tableau Experts

The main aim of our tableau service is to convert the unorganised data from various sources into visualisations that are not only insightful but also expressive. We are the authority on this aspects and have received multiple certifications. We not only create new visualizations but also train and help others in getting their data organized. Our teams include some of the best programmers in the industry and their output is unmatched. This has resulted in 80% of our clients returning to us for more services. Testimonials have said that we are a reliable service that can be blindly trusted upon as well as a pleasure to work with.

An extensive suite of software and programs that can manage efficient data visualisation and analytics is the main aim of tableau which is not only easy to use as well as helps in better understanding of the data. The extension collection of the connects is the biggest selling point. It can virtually gather data from any source and the output is so insightful that no other software or service can match the tableau.

Tableau experts are the leading service provider for tableau. Our tried and tested methods helps in setting up a powerful data analysis archive for the companies to work with. We help the newly established company from the scratch i.e. Hosting solution, setting the right kind of servers and connecting the data points to other tableau tools for better integration.

Apart from setting up the tableau services and connecting the various data points, we also offer training to the staff in operating the services so that your company can fully utilise the advantages that we have to offer.


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Dashboards & Scorecards

It's a type of report that measures and compares your performance against your projections and goals.

Programming Integration

The process of linking together different computing systems & software applications, to act as a coordinated whole.

Database Development

It's the process of designing the data & functions of the system, and then implementing in the system.

MS Excel Power BI

It's a business analytics, It provides interactive visualizations with business intelligence capabilities.

Data/Software Migration

It involves moving a set of instructions/ programs, from one platform to another, minimizing reengineering.

Business Automation

Goal of BPA is to not only automate business processes, but to simplify & improve business workflows as well.

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Every organisation is different, so we tailor our approch to maximise value & minimise cost, time & resources.


SQL Server Performance Tuning

If your SQL Server database is not performing as well as you would like, take a look at our Performance Tuning services.

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Database Migration Technology

Database Migrations are particularly complicated as you have all the challenges of changing your software platform.

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Top Business Analytics Tools

Analytical software goes from relatively simple statistical tools in spreadsheets to statistical software packages (ex-KXEN, Statistica).

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why shouldn’t I work with somebody local?

There is a reason why people stay local and others go global. But be it local or global, always choose a company that has expertise in what they do, have the resources to take up new challenges in their respective fields and have a slew of recurring and satisfied clients. We are that company that has all the above character and additionally, we also offer a bug free guarantee on our products for 30 days. Does your local company offer the same feature that we offer?

Is my information regarding the business safe?

This line of work deals with highly sensitive and confidential information of various clients. For this exact purpose, we have set strict guidelines and data protection measures so that no one except the intended person can view such information. We sign a NDA with our clients so that their intellectual property and confidential information is safe and secure with us. We take the responsibility of safeguarding your data.

Is your service expensive?

Quality never comes cheap. But we have made sure that customers of every budget find a plan with our service depending on the project type. Contact us for more details on pricing.

What is your response time for queries and delivery time for the projects?

Our dedicated customer support teams reply immediately to the queries that the customers ask and the delivery time for the project depends on the size and complexity of the project. No two projects are same and we always ensure that the delivery time is shorter.

Do you deal only with MS Excel?

We deal with much more than Excel. We can help you with a slew of Microsoft products such as SQL server, MS Access and also design that custom web application your organisation so needs. Contact us for more details.

How do I know additional details about the help that you can offer?

Please contact our customer care for the specific kind of help that you need or you can simply email it to us if the query is unanswered and we will get back to you within an hour.

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